Friday, October 24, 2014

Tiny Footprints Project - Baby Jacob

My second shoot for The Tiny Footprints project introduced me to the adorable baby Jacob and his beautiful mommy who was absolutely head over heels in love with Jacob.

Having your photos taken is hard work, man. 

Jacob was very close to his release date when I was there, and he continued to do well so he did get to go home shortly after these photos.  

I've heard he is still doing amazing and his mother sounds just as smitten with him. 

Congrats to Jacob and his family for making it through the NICU! 

If you or someone you know would like more information on The Tiny Footprints Project, please visit their site here: 

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Baby Aiva and family

All the way back in May (goodness, this year is going fast!) I got to meet this beautiful little lady and her family.  

Sweet baby Aiva has grown so much since these photos! I know her grandma so I get frequent updates on her and her brothers.  

Her brothers are just as adorable as Aiva - just not as teeny. 

I love silly kid photos.  I think they like them too.  It makes photo sessions more fun for them.  Especially when they have to be super patient waiting for their newborn sister who needs many breaks for snacks and diaper changes. 

Because I knew her grandma, we got lots of time to change up outfits and play and chat during down time.  Definitely some of my favorite people to spend a day with.  

Aiva's aunt (I believe) made this mermaid outfit for her.  It was so adorable and only slightly too big for her at the time.  Newborns are always smaller than you remember. Aiva was around the size of my newborns and yet I can't remember feeling they were that small. . .

Monday, May 5, 2014

Faire in the Grove 2014 photos

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Faire In The Grove

This year I'm going to have a little photo booth at the Faire In The Grove in Forest Grove, Oregon Saturday, May 3rd and Sunday May 4th. 

It's an annual event held at McMenamins Grand Lodge.

Here are a few photos from a couple years ago (I didn't take my camera last year) to give you an idea of a fraction of all the fun stuff there.  The kids love the actual fencing lessons with real swords, foils, and rapiers and the sword fighting arena for the kids where they have paddle swords that allow you to smack the crap out of your sibling and not do any damage.  

The merchants have fabric, costumes, jewelry, candles, soaps, weapons, tools, and more.  I got an amazing hair stick there a few years ago, which I've unfortunately lost.  I put it somewhere I wouldn't loose it. There are demonstrations of how to make beads for jewelry, how they did wood working without power tools, and others.  So much to learn and see and do.  

There is also a battle competition that is always amusing to watch.  

I would LOVE to see all my friends and family come out and have some fun (well, at least those local) - and stop by my booth and have a photo taken with your swag. 

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The Tiny Footprints Project

I was recently accepted as a photographer for The Tiny Footprints Project.  

The Tiny Footprints Project is a group of photographers who are  matched with local families to offer their services free of charge to parents of premature babies living in the NICU. 

The photographers capture the newborns earliest moments and are a part of the families precious beginnings.

Please share this information with friends and family to help spread the word so that we can make sure all babies that stay in the NICU (premie or not) have a chance to get professional photos taken.  

See the flier below for information on how to request your TTFP session.  

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Jackie and Paul Get Married!

When Jackie asked me to photograph her special day I was more than just a little bit excited.

I love weddings. 

I love weddings because I adore people in love.  I love seeing how they look at each other - whether it's a new couple, a couple getting married, a couple with a kid or two (or more), or a couple that has been together 'forever'.  When that love can be seen in the way they interact with each other, and the way they look at each other, it is a magnificent thing. 

Jackie and Paul share that look - and I am so happy for them I could cry.  In fact, I spent most of their wedding trying not to cry so I would be able to see what I was photographing.  HA!

Jackie envisioned her sweet backyard wedding and I think she definitely pulled it off!  

The tables were layered with lace tablecloths and doilies in shades of white and cream over neutral tablecloths.  The glasses and vases were thrift store finds in white, blue, and green.  The flowers (hydrangeas, roses, and Queen Anne's lace) were bought and picked locally and put together by the bride and family. 

The Kippahs were inscribed with Jackie and Paul's names and wedding information.  

They have a gorgeous plum tree in their backyard that produced delicious plums that they used to create little gift bags for all their guests to take home.  

A family friend created and painted their cake toppers and the ring bearers box, and a family member baked their cupcakes (which, by the way, were delicious!)

All these details were so perfect and lovely.  I adored every single bit of it and a lot was stored away for when I get to help my daughter plan her wedding.  My daughter was my second shooter/assistant for the day and she was in awe about everything as well.  

Gloves = the perfect finishing touch.  

I am a huge fan of hand holding.  

After the ceremony, the bride and groom had some time to their selves, which I think was a brilliant idea.  Every bride and groom should schedule this break - it might be the only one they get.  Then I went with them to a local park a few blocks away so we could get a few photos of just them.  Well, as long as you don't count the crowd of kids that were interested in seeing the beautiful bride, or the two women on a walk that stopped and asked to get a photo with the bride and groom.  

 See, they share "The Love".

This may be my most favorite shot of the day. 

I love the symbolism of this one - the older couple (whom I imagine have been married for decades) and the newly married, young couple walking side by side 

I told you I love hand holding, right?   

Back to the reception for dinner and dancing!

Before we knew it, it was time to send the newly weds off on their honeymoon, and the start of their lives together.  

Congratulations Jackie and Paul!  

Your wedding was truly beautiful and I am so thankful I got to capture the love you share.  

I hope you have many happy years together!

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